Thoughts appreciated . Borg Warner 6258 EFR Turbo, 225-450 HP. Ideal for use in single turbo applications for the 260-440hp range, or as twin turbo applications 400-700+hp. Add … Ive just spent £200 on gear linkage throughout and also £1550 on a gearnox rebuild by Bears motorsport, recomended as Aiden Talbert has ceast to take orders for a while. Hi there HP, It was launched 6 October 2002, and went into full production on 25 April 2003, replacing the fourth generation T4 Transporter range. Is this a standard carb? G Series 25 turbochargers are smaller and outflow all comparable products on the market. I have a working T3 sitting in my bedroom and Im wondering if … It would be sensible to flow test this and clean it out. TURBOWORLD 24 - Turbolader - Dieselpartikelfilter - Wir liefern ausschließlich hochwertige Ersatzteile. Upgrade your Can-Am X3 with this billet T25 flange exhaust manifold and turbo. Price: $1,199.00. CXRacing GT28 Turbo for S13 S14 S15 SR20DET For 89-99 Nissan 240SX S13 S14 Chassis with SR20D.. 6) Currently none of the T25 models will be tax or MOT exempt – you’ll need to wait until 2020 or 2021 for the very earliest models to fall into that territory. With a different bellhousing a Mk3 Golf diesel engine can be made to fit (below left), although its extra height means you would lose a bit of space in the back unless you angle it right over. It depends many variables. This has caught my eyes as this is the time I’m about to do a t3 conversion with a 1.8 t golf engine , you mentioned about the longitudinal , is the a4 and Passat not same engine? List price: Previous Price $651.22 28% off. Discover over 133 of our best selection of Ranking Keywords on with top-selling Ranking Keywords brands. Product Compare (0) Sort By: Show: Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing Billet Wheel GT28S Turbo for S13 S14 SR20DET T25G T28. Many thanks. This Kit Will add 50-70+HP at 7 PSI. She has asked me to look at it (do the job) for her. From China. T25 T28 GT25 GT28 GT2871 GT2860 A/R .60 .64 SR20 CA18DET Turbo Turbocharger SCB: kingstuningmarket (5 of 5 points 1178 pos. Turbo Sizing Chart for Mitsubishi / Greddy Turbochargers. Even if you do bump it up to 17psi the turbo life is shortened way down and it will start to fail pretty quick.. A new fuel pump is recommended. To be honest, none of the T25 engines were particularly strong so a vehicle that’s just had a freshly reconditioned unit fitted is likely to be the safest bet. There are three models of T25 Turbos: the GT2554R-471171-3, the GT2560R-466541-1 and the GT2560R-466541-4. 856800-5008S Garrett GTX2867R GEN II Ball Bearing Turbocharger : Inlet: T25 Outlet: 5 bolt A/R: 0.86 Wastegated: Yes Divided: N Gen 2 Aerodynamics feature... 1,171.73 1,148.76 Save: 2% off Buy Now : GTX2967R GEN 1 Ball Bearing Supercore 836041-5001S. Find best dropshippers for UK t25 turbo and buy cheap turbo charged on Dhgate website with high quality & fast delivery to UK. There are two nuts for each rocker piece. The water-cooled 50bhp 1.6 diesel unit (below) was fitted to the T25 from early 1981. Add to Cart. The Mk3 Golf TDI engine (AAZ) is a popular swap, although donor vehicles are becoming harder to find now. Wheel Outer Dia. You carefully grab each tube with a suitable pair of pliers (ones that will fit around a tube with enough space between pliers and next tube, without crushing anything, and twist gradually getting them loose and working them outwards. Does changing the engine (from 1.6 to 2 litre petrol) count as a change so substantial as to render my vehicle NOT exempt? Tony, Hi Anthony, We would always recommend replacing the thermostat when fitting a new engine. As I've blown mine up & need a Garret T25 urgently, will probably be a scrappy trip. Or are there issues with this? If you are local try Dougs VW Werks (Angmering) or Combe Valley Campers (Bexhill) both are great with T25 models. The 60bhp DF 1.9 feels a little underpowered, making the 78bhp DG unit a much better option – although beware any with leaky exhausts as it’s a complex system and tricky to fit. Even at stand still with clutch in all the gears rattle. The Garrett GT2560R has a flow capacity of approximately 310HP. Other options It was imported from America to Belgium where I was living where an lpg system was fitted (2 x 50ltr tanks under the van). Features: Horse Power (HP) Rating: 450; HIGH PRESSURE ACTUATOR built-in; Exclusive CEAcompressor wheel CNC-machined from a 2618-aluminum forging Also, reduced power operation must be at or below cruise speed (rpm). I also would need to know the valve clearance so I can adjust after rebuild any advice would be great thanks Gerry, I know this is way too late but in response to Gerry’s question. You can even fit a later PD diesel unit – anything is possible if you have deep enough pockets. You Save: $300.00. We sell JX cylinder heads here for £549.95 while replacement turbos are £508.96. i still trying to figure out what this bridge plate is doing at the back of fuel/ temperature gauge . Do you do this? GEN II GT28 GTX2867R Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo T25 .64A/R Turbine Housing. Choose 3 turbo options. Item Code: BRK-ICTT-C10-6066-KIT. $142.00 PQYRACING Stainless Steel 2.5"/63mm Vband Clamp Flange Turbo Down … Price: $949.00. Contact the … $548.90 . Required fields are marked *, Products supplied may occasionally vary from pictures or brands shown on this website but will always be of equal quality and value., is it possible to fit an 1800 mrk 3 golf petrol into a t25 camper, Hi Just change engine on my 1988 camper with a 1915cc recon , new water pump new thermostat. However we are really confused as to why the van has a radiator?! Oil leaks from the pushrod tubes is also common (but relatively easy to sort) while rusty heat exchangers should be viewed with caution because they are pricey to replace. "T25 Plus" Turbine Housing. The engine itself may fit, but as it is a transverse installation the gearbox will not. Air made way for water and was eventually dropped altogether in 1982. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Wheel Inducer Dia. My van is a 1984 t25 cravelle. The SR20DET is part of the SR family of engines from Nissan.. Twin Turbo Intercooler Mounting Bracket For 60-66 Chevy C10 Truck BBC Big Block. It’s a Pierburg 2E carb if that helps. For this reason, the GT37R turbo family is applied on many of the Garrett Powermax turbo kits that are sized for this horsepower range. (this will in fact be a crucial question for many many people in the next 2 years I believe) . Genuine Garrett T25 turbo from a 57k Nissan 200sx write off with minimal play and boosts perfectly. Hi Andyvwh Have changed thermostat flushed radiator and pipe all clear bleed system and replaced temperature sender. A radiator will need fitting somewhere and the pipework running to and from it back to the engine at the rear. Another option could be a later VW TDI engine. Andy, hi I have a 1987 1.6d t25 and I have a 1998 golf 1.9 tdi I would like to put the 1.9tdi engine in the t25 first thing will this fit on the t25 bell housing. Can anyone provide me with details of engines that would be suitable as a replacement please – I’ve spent so much on the bl@**#y van already (hence the need now for a new engine!) Having carb issues at idle speed and can’t find the idle adjustment. What Focus T25 review would be complete without a view showing you Focus T25 in action? Shop Now. Sep 19, 2019 - Dual Ball Bearing GT2860R turbo (base Garrett P/N 707160-5) assembly with T25 style turbine inlet. (ok, that’s 5 questions, sorry!). This power rating is intended for intermittent use in variable load applications with a load factor of 20-40 percent. Will a 2.0 litre type 4 engine from a late bay fit easily into a T25? Shop Now. Get Quotes. Thank u. Ive had now for 22years a vw t25 (1989) caravelle with the best engine Ive ever had. I’m told the original lump (1.6) which j remember being painfully slow was replaced a few years ago with a VW 1.9 LY engine.. Is anyone familiar with this 1.9 LY engine which car it would originally fitted to and what performance and economy might be of shoehorned into a T25..? Check with our Can-Am dealer for more information. So please is there anybody out there that I could speak to or meet that can answer my distress call. 1) yes, you could upgrade – the 1600cc petrol isn’t great if we are being honest. Andy. A dimensionally compact unit, this turbo is sized for applications with packaging and fitment constraints. Hi James, Garrett GT2871R Turbocharger Dual Ball Bearing GT2871R is great for small displacement engines up to 2.2L and has the ultimate spool up time compared to other units. Garrett Gen2 GTX 2860 ball bearing Turbo for up to 475 crank HP. Can anyone tell me what causes the power differences between the 5 1900 watercooled engines, and can the increases in power be retro fitted? Assumption is it was originally a water cooled engine and has been swapped out. The turbine housing here is the T25 turbine housing and that means you can use a T25 / T28 turbo inlet flange with this GT1548 turbo. However, I had a damaged thread and nut, and found out that the threaded rocker arms can be purchased. (2) if so I imagine that perhaps the Subaru or a Golf would be the preferred option and if so which of these 2 the better option? Maxpeedingrods provide high performance Turbos and other performance auto parts with affordable price. Free shipping. Heres the deal, I just bought an 88 300zx turbo and I know it has the higher compression motor and smaller T25 turbo compared to the older models with the lower compression and larger T3 turbo. Hi Clair, the AHU engine code is a TDI unit from some slightly newer VWmodels (Golf, Caddy, Passat etc 96-00), it produces 90bhp so is a nice upgrade from your original engine. 4G63T DSM 1G / Galant VR4 / EVO 1~3 with T25 / T28 Turbo: Kit includes - 1 * 70 cm braided steel oil feed line kit between turbo to oil filter. Compressor Type: Forged-Milled Wheel (FMW) Extended Tip; Compressor Wheel OD (exducer): 62mm; Compressor … The big problem for you with a conversion is the lack of water cooling on your van. If the bolts go and the gasket starts leaking coolant (you might see a feint crystalised trace initially), then a full rebuild or replacement engine is the only option. Buy performance T25 T28 GT25 GT28 GT2871 GT2871R GT2860 SR20 CA18DET Turbo Turbocharger. The first T25s from 1980 were available with either a 1.6 (50bhp) or 2.0-litre (70bhp) air-cooled engine and you can instantly identify these by the absence of a second grille just above the front bumper. Write a review. Shop the top 25 most popular Ranking Keywords at the best prices! If I’m correct, at least I know I am for my camper, a 2.0 air-cooled VW Transporter, dating from 1982, the tubes are removable from the sides, you do not have to remove the cylinder heads. CXRacing T25 T28 Turbo Charger Turbocharger For Civic S13 Wastegate 2.5" V-band. I have so many memories in my van and yes when its all done someone will buy it .when Im unable to drive anymore . Turbine Wheel Outer Dia. It’s not as easy to check for end float because there’s a mesh guard over the fan. T25/T28 T25 Turbo Charger 240SX S13 SR20DET KA24DE ENGINE in Superchargers. Shop a wide range of turbo charges at our online shop today! Specifications 1 x T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo Charger: 25 PSI, and 500+HP on B series swaps, standard t3/t4 flange, perfect for any 4-6 cylinder applications. Item Code: TRB-GT25. This turbo has a flow capacity of about 250 - 360HP and works well for engines between 1.8L - 3.0L. its attached from the voltage stabilizer to the top corner off the gauge. But the million dollar question, and something we’re being asked all the time by prospective T25 buyers is – which one is best? (6) I’m buying a vintage vehicle so tax and mot exempt but more importantly ULEZ exempt (I live outside the current area which the same as congestion charge zone but will still be living in London inside the North & South Circular come October 25th 2021 when it expands to this area…). Thats me and my plea/plight done. New to this type of vehicle. Second time not a drop of oil in sight, a relief, as that oil on the hot heat exchangers and what not, stinks. And of course a 6th question (last I promise!). Added a skunk2 intake manifold and a skunk2 68mm throttle body. Is there anything I can do to fix the engine I have already, and what do I do to blow it out and check for blockages. The turbine housing here is the T25 turbine housing and that means you can use a T25 / T28 turbo inlet flange with this GT1548 turbo. Using a torque wrench is best, at least… don’t overtighten the nuts when putting the rockers back in place. Fitting should be fairly simple, but your mechanic will offer the best advice, as they can see exactly what they have in front of them. We’re presuming the radiator you have found it located right at the front, and it’s not an oil cooler instead? Buy T25 Camper and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Please feel free to send us some photographs, and one of our team could advise a little more – Available for Garrett series GT28, GTX28, GTX29, GT30R-WG, GT30, GT35, and GTX35. I have a 1989 1.7 D DOKA, After having a top end rebuild and now finding I need to plan for a bottom end build on an engine that really is not up to the job. Verdict See here. So what's a T25 Turbo? OBX SUS Turbo Header Manifold 91-94 Nissan240sx w/T25 T28 Flange in Headers. My 1980 T25 has an air cooled 2 litre engine. I am confused as to which one I should be using, can you help? Which, believe me, would really not be worth the hassle – not to mention the expense. In the end I did not use a torque wrench and just kept in mind that ”tight is tight” and so don’t force anything. ratings) £130.00: £0.00: 25D 17Hrs 1Min 50Sec : T25 T28 GT25 GT28 GT2871 GT2860 SR20 CA18DET A/R .64 Turbo Turbocharger AID: automodisland (4.95 of 5 points 6518 pos. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. But have the fastest spool of the turbochargers in it's category. Garrett Turbocharger Ultimate hybrid turbo for the T series, we have now pushed the envelope even further! Brand New. This could be retrofitted of course, but will be more work than if you had started with wbx or diesel van. Hello, i have a 1.9 tdi skoda fabia (HV plate) and before it goes for scrap thght id try amd find out how difficult it would be to the Engine from it into sat a 1981 air cooled T25? how is a greddy kit "cleaner"? Andy. Your email address will not be published. These engines are robust but painfully slow and worryingly thirsty – when buying it’s mainly a case of looking for cracked cylinder heads and evidence of overheating due to stuck thermostats. I am wondering if there are alternative carburettors and exhausts available for these air cooled engines to improve breathing and enhance performance and economy? 3.7 out of 5 stars 5 ratings. Contributed by: ztech. The 62mm OD compressor has a 49.6mm inducer at 44lb/min max flow - supporting up to 450hp with very large map width for outstanding power potential even at high boost. Kinugawa Ball Bearing Turbo 4" GTX3076R fit SUBARU WRX STI 60/84Trim A/R 49 / .64 / .73: MSRP: $1,499.00. $139.90 maXpeedingrods T3/T4 T04E High Performance Turbocharger Turbo +Oil Feed And Return Line Kit. Excellent responding turbo for 4 cylinder applications. Regards, Mick. USD$26.00 . 4.3 out of 5 stars 13. Set up is a T25 Sr20 DET nissan silvia turbo… ... Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your … Country. Free returns. People like the diesels because they suit the nature of the T25 and most were derived from the Golf, tilted over to fit the lower engine bay. I need to tow a caravan can you help please. Region / State. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items I’m looking at a 1999 Audi 1.9 tdi ahu code which I can get.Would this do or would I be better waiting on a mk3 golf. It also has air condition so quite a rare model. there. second thing can I get away with not changing the gear ratios in the box straight way(if I drive it nicely) Read T25 Turbo Parts reviews and T25 Turbo Parts ratings – Buy T25 Turbo Parts with confidence on AliExpress! Precision Turbo & Engine is committed to offering a robust product line consisting of replacement and upgrade turbochargers for all types of applications, including those from other manufacturers. Many Thanks. (1.6 removed, 2 litre installed) ‘Blowing out an injector’ sounds like they will remove it from the engine and blow hi pressure air though it, to try and clear any blockage. Add to Cart. My friend has one with the all but common leak. The fuel injected 2.1 from 1985-on (with 87-95bhp) is brilliant and can be made to produce a bit more poke if you (legally in the UK) remove the catalytic converter. The Dual Ball Bearing GT2860RS turbo assembly have a T25 style turbine inlet (NOTE: without studs). The flat-four EJ22 Subaru Impreza engine gets round the height issue and while you’ll appreciate the extra kick in the back from the turbo version, economy would be similar (or perhaps a little worse) than the original VW water-cooled unit – and it would still involve a fair amount of work. Thanks, Hi Jack, there’s a nice article here which should answer most of your questions. Kindly advice the components required for a successful swap. My wife says get a nice car, I dont want to. The 1.7-litre KY engine (57bhp) was slightly better, but parts are scarce, which makes the JX codenamed 70bhp 1.6 turbodiesel (below) the one to go for. HP Rating: 200-330; Ball bearing; T25 turbine inlet flange; Internally wastegated turbo; Oil & Water-cooled bearing system; Smallest ball-bearing turbocharger; Great size for applications w/ packaging constraints; Ideal for smaller displacement engines making up to 330hp; Compressor Specs. An alternative to the GTI engine would be a Subaru engine conversion; and there is arguably more information about this online now, than for the GTI conversion. Add to Cart. The early 50bhp air-cooled units (carrying a CT code) were derived from the Beetle engine but had hydraulic tappets, conventional oil filter and a cooling fan on the end of the crank. Universal GT25 Turbo Charger Turbocharger T25 + Water Banjo w/ 14PSI Wastegate. $409.00. T04E frame size compressor housing with 4" inlet and 2". Hi I have a 1.9 water cooled engine reconditioned, can I put a Porsche engine in to give more power. And i suppose the gearbox from the skoda would all have to be switched. i am going to disconnect it and fit a new voltage stabilizer to see what happens. Dual Ball Bearing Garrett GT2560R (aka GT28R) Turbo. USD$229.00 USD$280.00. Adding this kit to your vehicle may or may not void your warranty. Im 70 and love my bus but have been ripped off so often, ie, two heads fitted in Southend and got it back with quite a lot of power loss. I’ve owned a few VWs but unfortunately had to get rid of my last T25 more than 10 years I’m now a bit rusty.. BorgWarner EFR 3″ Downpipe V-band Flange $ 25.00. You will need a fuel management unit (rising rate fuel pressure regulator). This clean sheet product is tailored to meet the demands of hard core racing enthusiasts while providing industry leading power capability in a small package. Kinugawa Billet Turbocharger 3" Anti Surge TD04HL-Big 16G 6cm T25 Flange Eexternal Gate Regular price $879.00 Kinugawa Billet Turbocharger TD04HL-20T 6cm T25 3 Bolt External 1.6~2L I have t25 pick up 1.6 td jx which has gone!!! Rating Required Name Email Required. Also buying a second hand gearbox online for £420 which never turned up and the bank could do nothing about it as Acc & telephone contacts were shut down. I am at a total loss as how to set up the linkage. GEN2 - Garrett GTX3076R Turbo with .86 A/R T25 Internal W/G Turbine Hsg w/GT28 style 5 Bolt Exit, 4" Code: GRT-TBO-890 Price: $1,799.00. Rerivetting that solved it. Buy Now. Full power is limited to two out of every eight hours of operation. Meanwhile, blue smoke on the overrun points to worn valve guides or general bore/ring wear. Flange : Standard T25/T28Flange; HP Rating : 250-300 HP; Internal Wastegate: 14psi; Compressor :.48 A/R Compressor; Turbine : .49A/R Turbine; Compressor Wheel : 42mm/36mm; Turbine Wheel : … We would suggest this as the best course of action first. Have a quick question am about to look at another T25 (diesel). Whether you’re an air-cooled purist, like the idea of a fuel-sipping diesel or prefer the smoothness of a later ‘wasserboxer’ there’s a VW T25 engine in the line up to suit all tastes and driving styles. My wife now keeps telling to get rid of it as its costing me a small fortune so Im frightened it going to end up a white Elephant. Pierburg 90mm! Item Code: BRK-IC12-S10-2G-KIT. $39.99. Nasty knocks from the crank bearings aren’t a good sign either. $259.77. Buy It Now. In reality, a Subaru conversion is probably your best ‘bang for buck’ engine swap. When driving I can go through all the gears but from standstill and pulling away there is a spinning loud rattle from the box. 99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Super Duty Turbocharger Diesel. Hey, I’ve bought a t25 87 1.9 water cooled. If anyone would tell me if its even possible and if so how hard it would eventually become, thanks. The HP gain is usually … Your email address will not be published. It took me ages to work out what that particular problem was. Rating Bad Good Continue. Garrett GT3076R (aka GT30R aka GT3037) Ball Bearing Turbo The one and only dual Ball Bearing GT3076R Turbo assembly (Garrett P/N: 700382-5012) with turbine housing of your choice. The mechanic who is working on my bus, advised using G12 coolant. This turbo has a flow capacity of I have a DF 1900 watercooled engine in my T25, and feel at 60bhp it’s a bit underpowered. The aircooled 411 engine is very durable, it was probably swapped. JM Turbo Logo T-shirt . The external packaging of this turbo is identical to that of the GT28RS and can be a … Super Drag Dodge Ram Turbocharger (Compatible HX40W) USD$220.00 . Quantity: Kinugawa Ball Bearing Turbo 4" GTX3076R w/ .82 or .73 or .61 T3 For NISSAN RB25DET Top Mount : MSRP: … Advanced tuning and internal engine modification has produced KA24 240SX's with 500+ horsepower. Volkswagen T25 Camper Buyer’s Guide [tl:gallery index=1 size=459×306] The underside of the T25 doesn’t usually corrode, but check around the chassis rails and sills. Features: Horse Power (HP) Rating: 400; LOW PRESSURE ACTUATOR built-in; Exclusive CEA compressor wheel CNC-machined from a 2618-aluminum forging Many thanks. Made In Germany Some owners have managed to eek out 40mpg on a run but between 30-36mpg is probably more realistic. Address: Freeport Center Bldg 94 13th St, Clearfield UT 84016. Brisk Racing Spark Plugs for Can-Am Maverick X3, EMtron SL6 Stand Alone ECU for Can-Am X3 (2017-2019), Phone # 801-335-4013 that I don’t want to risk sourcing an engine that then turns out to be unsuitable. Add to Cart. Choose 3 turbo options. This is a perfect addition for a stock machine to those who already have already invested in an aftermarket exhaust and Power Vision 3. Its twin Solex carbs, however, are troublesome; they are prone to air leaks and tricky to balance and often replacement is the best remedy. Gives good spool and would be comparable to the HKS GT2530. How do they differ? This was a really good article for someone like me..! Garrett GR2860RS ball bearing turbo for up to 380 crank HP. Hi And I’ve got a vw 2.1 with original engin it can start but doesn’t idle. Pick all your components ala carte or make it a complete turbo upgrade with intake, exhaust, clutching, Power vision and injectors. Arguably, the non-turbo diesels and early air-cooled units are possibly more reliable than the later water-cooled lumps, but they’re not nearly as smooth to drive and a fully kitted out camper with elevating roof will struggle to keep up with  modern traffic. Free shipping . Hi you said in your rundown of engines that the cu pushrod tubes are easy to replace. Water way to go? It's a 200 HP turbo and you see that it does not have the same turbine housing as the smaller Garrett turbos have like the GT12 and the two smaller GT15 turbochargers. Trying to find parts it looks as if the only way to go is removing the cyl heads as I can’t find any collapsible tubes for this model. Maxpeedingrods 2 years warranty for any manufacturing defect. We have just bought a 1983 T25 with a 2.0l aircooled engine. My intention was next to buy a new engine or have my old one rebuilt but dont know where to turn. Registered in England & Wales: 3294341 | 47 Dolphin Road, Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 6PB. We can also offer a number of ‘sports exhaust’ options too. “The right choice!” Written on: 04/10/2014 by Lola385 (1 review written) After looking at many T2 bays we went to see a T25 and totally fell in love with her. ratings) £121.73: £0.00: 4D 20Hrs 8Min 32Sec : T25 T28 Turbo GT25 GT28 GT2871 GT2860 Turbocharger with actuator wastegate: connectingrodeclub (4.95 of 5 points 5631 pos. Sump tapped for drain. If the jacking points are corroded, these can be complicated to repair. Turbine Wheel O.D. Also, it is not uncommnon for radiators to clog up with sludge and increase running temperature. Read Turbo Charger for T25 reviews and Turbo Charger for T25 ratings – Buy Turbo Charger for T25 with confidence on AliExpress! You will get a happy unexpected prize! Hi Can anyone please tell me where I can buy a complete air filter and box for a t25 1.9gd water cooled engine? DSM TD05/T25 to T3 Adaptor Turbo Manifold Flange Adapter. Pete. Is the golf an easier fit? Free shipping . is this action as as earth . Garrett  GT2560R ball bearing turbo for up to 340 crank HP. Hope that helps a bit. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. - 2 * Water braided steel line kit) - 3 * Gasket ( For Turbine inlet, turbine outlet, cover outlet ) Note: What you see is what you get Available with internally gated or externally gated turbine housing options. I love my van coz it does everything for me from sitting by the beach with the awning out or lunchtimes at work in th winter with the heater on (Truma that I fitted £750) playing my guitar and mouth organ) where Im in my element. Borg Warner 6258 EFR Turbo is the smallest turbocharger in the ultra-efficient EFR lineup. I still want to invest in it but need help. ratings) £144.80: £0.00: 22D 20Hrs 13Min 6Sec : NEW GENUINE HOLSET HE221w Turbo 7cm 400bhp T25 T28 TD04: jackspanielson (5 of 5 points 472 pos. Due to the variance in dyno hp readings, we do not claim or advertise a specific overall hp you will achieve with this kit but do give you an estimate of 70-80 hp gain from stock with everything working and installed properly. Here’s our warts ‘n’ all guide…. Some owners swear by the use of pink phosphorous free antifreeze (G12), but basically it’s a case of ensuring it’s been changed every two years on the dot. Here's a comparison chart of turbo compressor wheel and turbine wheel.Not necessarily sorted by size and power.I did not list the horsepower rating of the turbos.

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