Sistar 6. These are the TOP 30 K-Pop Idols in Korea right now based on brand ranking, led by none other than BTS's Jimin and Kang Daniel. So vote for the most popular group and share with your friends to vote. Known as the pair that already met ever since they were 15 years old, the duo has a lot of history together, which what the fans liked. Blackpink 1. TREASURE(トレジャー)オフィシャルサイト。BIGBANG、WINNER、IKONに続き、YGから5年ぶりに披露するボーイズグループ。リリース情報、MV視聴、ライブ・メディア出演情報などの最新情報をご覧 … Kpop music industry is really blessed with handsome artists. The website King Choice created a poll about these idols and as of the moment, have earned 7,222,110 votes ever since its release, and here are the results. It is to no surprise that these two lovely ladies from Blackpink never stopped flirting with each other on stage or off stage, and the fans love to see these two being cute together as well. By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. (Male Edition), Poll: Who Sang It Better? Most Famous Kpop Group Most Famous Kpop Group: Most Famous Kpop Group talent, active, good singer, dancer, and best performance. Top Ten Handsome kpop Male Idols in 2020 10. made by midgehitsthrice (Credit to IZ*ONE for the original idea) Related: GOT7 Profile What is your favorite GOT7 ship? Twice 10. Quiz to Play: Kpop Quiz Guess Idols Not only in bts but also in all kpop ships. These Are The TOP 50 Most Popular K-Pop Idol Groups In Korea Right Now. made by midgehitsthrice (Credit to IZ*ONE for the original idea) Related: TXT Profile What is your favorite TXT ship? It was also revealed that the two units, TREASURE and MAGNUM, would be integrated into TREASUR… A beautiful bond that showed more than just … Let Us Gaze Upon 2019’s 20 Most Popular Fandom Ships on Tumblr By Kaila Hale-Stern Dec 5th, 2019, 2:30 pm Another year in fandom has come and gone, leaving in its wake a changed shipping landscape. February 22nd, 2019. I’m bound to fall in love with a few. Tuesday: artist profiles They always fight over having the other's attention and … According to data for the popular fanfiction platform Archive of Our Own, these 12 K-Pop ships had the most fanfictions written about them in 2020. Most Mentioned KPOP Artists on Twitter Weekly (Jan 9-15) #2 TREASURE - 3,370,700 Twitter Mentions cr k_nextbigsound Treasure 트레저 #TREASURE #트레저 it's rare to see people taking many of the Twice ships as seriously as they do JungMo and 2Yeon. News. The most flourishing couple met in the show "We Got Married" back in 2017, Yook Sungjae and Joy. Feel free to comment down below. The fans said that these two shared how they are intimate, sweet, cute, yet mature friendship that they have. Fans showed how long they have been waiting since the last time they got a TaeKook, These two are known to have endless bickering that we keep seeing on our Twitter timelines, and one of which is ARMYs inside jokes on Jungkook calling his Hyung ". Privacy Policy Koreaboo. 4 thoughts on “ My Top Kpop Ships ” Oh Areum says: March 4, 2018 at 1:44 pm I love how Jungkook is always teasing Jimin but then he’s like “you’re so handsome hyung”. Feel free to comment down below. He is so handsome and he is always praised for that. They kill this love merch of The Year and Song of the Year, by Download for Asia Region at the 32nd Japan Gold Disc Award. © Copyright 2017 Many would know that these boys had appeared previously on "YG Treasure Box" and made it into the final debuting lineup. Brown Eyed Girls 8. (Special Event). Discover what kpop is. TREASURE Members Profile and Facts TREASURE (트레저), previously known as TREASURE 13) is made of the members from the survival show YG Treasure Box. If you don’t like any ship, that’s fine. Red Velvet 5. Feel free to comment down below. Kpop Facts Kpop Ships The list of most searched Kpop idols on Youtube globally in 2020 has just been announced. Quiz: Who’s the oldest member? These two recently had the fans uproar for their recent interaction. Thursday: other polls They shared songs and gave the other person a refrigerator full of soju to enjoy once, just the little things. Last but not least, one of the ultimate ships who rule the K-Popverse: Yunjae, featuring TVXQ 's Yunho and JYJ 's Jaejoong. Note: This is just for fun. If you don’t like any ship, that’s fine. TREASURE Official Twitter One of the most looked forward to K-Pop debut of 2020 is probably going to be TREASURE and their fans have been waiting for a long time.

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