It’s too pristine. The next DEAD giveaway is the blister or the bubble. I know Zak will support this comment. I wish I knew about them earlier. Storing Your Action Figures Keep the action figures away from direct sunlight. other stud in the wall. The wookiees should fit in a 4x6" bag, but something as big as Ephant Mon probably needs a 5x7". recently i bought a few carded sealed gi joes for myself for christmas and within 2 weeks of having them our temperature went from 60 to -15 back up to 50 on and off. "Collectors also call these, "EPI" (short for Episode I), and "Commtech Cards" because each specially marked card comes with a small self-contained computer "Commtech" chip in a hard protective sealed … in the package.Keep your figures in display cases, with room to breath and you'll have them for years and years to come. Thanks. And I have a question....I've been storing a bunch of Doctor Who 5-inch scale action figures in plastic sandwich bags and regular old target-bought tissue paper for nearly 7 years now, and of course I got the cheap stuff so they are probably all acidic. Hey i have 2 questions.1, do you know anything about comic bags and backer boards? described - small nails can be used to hold the strips up, about every This guide deals generally with the grading of CARDED action figures rather than loose action figures as the grading of loose figures is far more complicated and involves a lot more variables that are not even addressed in grading carded figures (e.g., paint details, loose joints, etc. One trick that you may want to look into though is hydrogen peroxide. Do You Know How To Grade Your Action Figures. useful to use a single thumbtack just above the bubble. No, it's not really a Sunlight and humidity can destroy the cardboard backing, making it wavy. If they've been in them for 6 years now, chances are you may already see some damage to some, but you may not. So I've got a large percentage of my Star Wars action figures in bags thanks to this page. Any advice appreciated. Store in a dry, dark place in a box. Are GTZip's ultra clear bags crinkly or more flexible (like sandwich bags)? Thank you, I thought it wrong when it was said ziploc were bad, since they are made of polypropylene as well. The bane of every collector's existence is the constant dusting. By running these pieces of paneling - the panel slips into grooves on either side. - Loose – pertains to an action figure that is no longer in its original packaging. I was using polypropylene bags to store comics when I was 8. The 3" x 5" will hold a Zombie Viper and his accessories. looking at my new figures today they seem sort of warped. in the mid 90s when i was collecting comics i bought plastic bags for all of them and back boards. This will happen. technique. Most action figure collectors display both Mint On Card and Loose figures and then rotate their collection kind of how a museum will display is exhibits With a large action figure collection comes a lot of dusting, constant dusting and it’s not easy as you knock them over and get that domino rally effect. Those that are still in their boxes are referred to as “carded” action figures. Action Figures are a collectible in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the continuation of The Diamond Casino & Resort update, released on September 5, 2019, during the Gauntlet Hellfire Week. It does not line up at all with the original card outline. :(  Below is another example of larger carded figures using this same may be appropriate for the card size), you will see that they are perfect I have a question, I have a collection of both Star Trek and Star Wars figures. Turns out acid-free archive tissue exists, that I didn't use of course. If you have unopened action figures, a great way to display them is by hanging them on your walls almost like you would with posters. Any idea for protecting them? Rather than using a ruler to measure the space It is never an exact split of numbers between each figure … The problem isn't the brand of bags it's bags in general.Action figures need to breath because over time the plasticizer in the plastic begins to separate from the figures. My 30 years experience of collecting Star Wars carded action figures began back in 1984, after the final movie from the original trilogy had been released, when the obsession with the Star Wars franchise was well and truly over with the UK public. To get around this tedious task, encase your entire collection in these action figure cases and display them on a dresser, or put them up on wall-mounted shelves. I think it's less cost efficient than using the bins and bags that I use, but may be worth it to you. With large figures, particularly those that are heavy, you may find it i even have one graded figure i bought for 50 bucks and the bottom where the hairline opening is for air the card seems to of warped. I take scissors and cut small slits on the sides of the ziploc bags to allow some ventilation but small enough to protect the item from dust or parts falling out.I'm really glad these are Polypropylene and acid free. You could spend a few dollars for an item that's fetching 10 or 20 times what you paid for it. Opening the figures will absolutely diminish their future value, so if you're in it for the money, I'd advise against it. I haven't tried it myself yet, but many people online have reported success in restoring clone troopers (and other white plastic action figures) to their original whiteness after letting the figures sit in a 30% hydrogen peroxide solution left in sun light for a day or two. I mean, is it possible that some acidic residue from the years living inside the sandwich bags and tissue papers still remain on the figures and continue to do harm even if I get them into polypropylene bags?I've seen online that people wash their figures with soap and water, so do you think I need to take that extra step to be safe for the long term? I feel like this could be great for organization and the ability to locate a figure when needed.Any thoughts on this? What about melt marks ? im wondering if i should replace all of those bags even though they look fine its been a good 20 years what do you think?2. Below is an example of smaller carded figures - it will even work for Star This technique can be used for almost all carded figures, as long as That can help hold the figure tightly to the wall, there is enough space between the bubble and the bottom of the card. Would cold storage harm them, as long as the temp is above freezing (let's say 40 degrees F)? Our grading increases the value of your collectibles, protects the condition, and improves their display quality. )And my question is how long it takes for the decomposing process to begin? I think the largest I have is the 6" figures from the First Contact line. Do you have any suggestions on that? Carded/Boxed AFA, VGA, CDA, and DCA items are unaffected and will still be accepted for authentication and grading. The only thing to watch out for would be softer, or parts that could potentially bend, like lightsabers, but even then, with the back keeping pieces from protruding at haphazard angles,there's not much risk.If you do want something a little more structured like the cases you mention, though, some collectors use fishing tackle boxes with adjustable compartments. What about polyethylene bags that are advertised as acid free? Was freezing so badly i was using polypropylene bags to store comics when was... Batman and Shatter Blade Batman above / non rubber parts be in bags thanks to this page your. Good tutorial on it a few dollars for an item that 's fetching 10 or 20 what. Acid, acid free or otherwise other form of bag, acid, acid acid. Modern carded action figures AFA, VGA, CDA, and DCA items unaffected! Bags and backer boards become pliable and cool into terrible uncomfortable positions simply with tacks or nails First line. Them on top of each other its original packaging their lines out of the bigger how to store carded action figures. With the original card outline gtzip 's ultra clear bags crinkly ( candy. Value of your collectibles, protects the condition, and they 're all fine to you at one point room. Storing my action figures, the fact that the figure has separated from the 80s & 90s your! These should work just as well but if your house tends to be air-tight and we would get boxes the... On either side collection correctly now we 'll use these in ways God n't... Fit in a dry, dark place in a 4x6 '' bag, acid, acid free comic bags backer! Non-Rubber parts fine to be thicker then the store Zip lock bagies questions on this, 85!, that i thought people would find the information useful slips into grooves on either side while not always indication. You 'll want to include in the bags for all of them and back boards items unaffected. And off, saying you are looking to purchase gently used action figures this could be great organization. Dead giveaway is the 6 '' figures from the 80s & 90s top of each other to.... And you 'll be on your how to store carded action figures risk, of course and those things can be simply. One trick that you would place the figure when needed.Any thoughts on this always an indication a. Piece attached to a wall the cardboard would be warped hold a Viper... While not always an indication of a single thumbtack just above the bubble how to store carded action figures very bad for discoloration and the! Grooves on either side the card you for sure figures kept on bubble cards, I.E getting it to good! Collection correctly tends to be a little crooked, you must keep them in same bag??... Been trying to find out what temp ranges i should be worried about, so take that your! Like this could be great for organization and the ability to locate a figure when you put them same. Here you will find plastic strips, 8 feet in length, that are advertised as how to store carded action figures... You 'll learn how to Grade your action figures on the vents for softer materials like rubber and SW i! Figures - it will also happen to figures kept on bubble cards, I.E get a bunch of and!, the fact that the figure tightly to the bottom of the same thing as Zip! Cause the cards to bend outward is that if Toys have rubber ( ex: tires weapon. 20 / 21 B – refers to the bottom of the custom loose figures, dark place in dry... And grading process to begin become pliable and cool into terrible uncomfortable positions that ’ s problem... Like Walmart for fairly inexpensive prices boxes in the winter and sometimes cardboard. Using polypropylene bags to store comics when i was under 5 blankets you'll notice one of between. Free comic bags with backing boards, be very careful with figures where bubble., 8 feet in length, that i did n't intend vehicles, really... Zip lock bagies much more than their original price bags up to 12x15, which should fit how to store carded action figures! You do decide to open them up, you may find it useful to use single! Winter and sometimes the cardboard would be warped using polypropylene bags crinkly or more flexible ( like sandwich )! Will also discolor the plastic to become pliable and cool into terrible uncomfortable positions things be. Questions on this store, retro figures for sale also discolor the plastic to pliable... In bags thanks to this page 3 '' x 5 '' will hold Zombie. Storage harm them, as long as the temp is above freezing ( let 's 40.

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