The term being a word or phrase used just previously in an anachronistic way. Did you mean “avant la lettre” in French Translate to English Translate to Greek? Before something (a word, phrase, name, or specific entity, especially that which is anachronistic) was coined or created. avant la lettre. External sources (not reviewed) I think this is a good example of interinstitutional agreement between the three institutions, almost avant la lettre . Definitions of Avant la lettre, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Avant la lettre, analogical dictionary of Avant la lettre (Dutch) ... To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares. avant la lettre (English)Origin & history Borrowing from French avant la lettre‎ ("before the letter") Phrase (idiomatic) Before the term was coined; used after a term applied anachronistically.Suffragettes were feminists avant la lettre — Suffragettes were feminists before the word "feminist" existed. avant la lettre: before lettering, before letters; proof engraving, proof before letters: avant la lettre: avant la lettre — Suffragettes were feminists before the word "feminist" existed. の定義 Okay this is because lettre got two different meaning in French the first one like a letter (A, B, C ...) and second one like a letter the message (I’m not sure if this is the same word in English too) so your sentence traduces is you have to receive the call before the letter with the meaning of the message you had to receive Monsieur le Président, bien avant la lettre, une demande a été préparée par la ville de Shawinigan, puis par la ville de Shawinigan-Sud, et ainsi de suite. Many translated example sentences containing "avant la lettre" – Romanian-English dictionary and search engine for Romanian translations. avant la lettre: Before the term was coined. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Halperin (n.35 above) views Plato similarly as ‘a kind of deconstructiońist avant la lettre, a cunning writer fully alive to the doubleness of his rhetoric who embraces différance and who actively courts in his writing an effect of undecidability’ (118). – meaning "Stop, wait, hang on" or as a surprised or informal greeting (and much used in Dickens) – hadn't yet morphed into "Hello" as a gracious salutation. : The EPS in Paris particularly were real colleges. Avant La Lettre Meaning (idiomatic) Before the term was coined; used after a term applied anachronistically. ... avant la lettre. Definition of lettre in the Idioms Dictionary. Example: Suffragettes were feminists avant la lettre. What does lettre expression mean? lettre phrase. Ce fut aussi un écologiste avant la lettre, un des leitmotivs de ses sermons étant la nécessité pour l'homme de bien gérer la terre. From the French meaning … Mr. Speaker, long before the letter there was an application started by the city of Shawinigan and after that the city of Shawinigan-Sud and so on. On the plus side, Hensher gave a date to one novel, Jim Crace's Harvest , because of the use of … : He was also a pioneer environmentalist, a common theme in his sermons being the need for stewardship of the land. My understanding is: we have no problem finding citations and "avant la lettre" seems a valid English idiom, albeit not widespread (750 answers on Google books -- English books only but some duplicate results). ; 2010, Stefano Evangelista, The Reception of Oscar Wilde in Europe, page 65: For this reason, I believe it meets the WT:CFI criteria (I … : Les EPS de Paris, plus spécialement, étaient de véritables collèges avant la lettre.

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