By the way, 80% accuracy is horrible accuracy. I can’t confirm you that 90% of nouns do end with a vowel, because I would need to check out the entire dictionary, but it’s clear that there are lots of ways to determine the gender of French nouns, and the vowel rule may be one of them. In Hungarian, you spell everything just the way you hear it (phonetic writing) – no silent letters. So here you have your two genders. Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine. The other way that I would like to suggest you all. The owner of it will not be notified. In a genderless language like English, we’d just rely on the context to know which one was being talked about. Except words ending in -age, -ege, -é, or -isme (these endings often indicate masculine words). Found 224 sentences matching phrase "chest".Found in 3 ms. “Réglisse” is feminine or masculine depending on the context. There’s a linguistic theory that as languages evolve, they become less complex. Pronouns This being said, there are some feminists and activists who think that feminizing a profession is sexist unto itself and that all professions in French should simply be a single word, not two separate, male and female versions. You are right, this would work quite well. For example, in German, there’s a third gender: neuter. Instead, bookmark this page and regularly look at the list. To further complicate it, there are two different meanings for “bass.” One is a type of fish (small mouth bass/large mouth bass), the other is in reference to music and sound. OK. You understood well. I love my language (Spanish) and, if you say a ssdistic person invented French, then that would go for Spsnish, because we also say Los cabellos (masculine) and La silla (feminine). Especially with feminine gender, so basically while reading I keep an eye on feminine articles and I write down the most unpredictable to me, like: la mer la limite la foto la rentrée la chaleur la poitrine la bouffe la suite la souris la vidéo la valeur la odeur la mosaïque la planète la signification la météo la glace “Un musée”. Not that this isn’t understandable; imagine trying to change a language in such a massive way. It’s thought that as time went on and religion became more organized and, in most places, less animistic, gender seemed like a good way to keep nouns organized. Showing page 1. Richard is right and the reason there is no explanation is that the gender of a noun isn’t related to its meaning, it’s simply the gender of the word. Did you know that ‘aigle’ (eagle) was feminine until the early 19th century, when Napoléon decided it would become its emblem (more noble than the rooster, right). Plus you’ll get the added benefit of the input of possibly great literature, depending on what you chose. Your website is really a cool finding, and will make my day. For example, older generations may not think men should help with household chores, but many of the younger Frenchmen I know do help with chores, as well as taking care of and spending one-on-one time with their children. The majority of words that end in -e or -ion. - I love him (or her). – Sharp are masculin Un chat, une chatte. Feminine singular: bonne la hanche: hip (plural: les hanches) gender translate: sexe, genre, genre, sexe. While there’s some truth to this, largely due to the long-term evolution of the French language, there are some rules (and exceptions) to get most nouns on lock. l’œil (m): eye (plural: les yeux) (The five fingers are:), l’ongle (m): nail (plural: les ongles) a decent human being), the fact that, in French, masculine nouns take precedence over feminine ones may bum you out a little. i have noticed that most feminine nouns end in vowels, usually “e”. Would it be radical to learn the gender along with the word? Musée , lycée etc think museum lyceum …suggests masculine? In fact, in French, all words in a sentence must agree with each other: If, for example, the noun or pronoun is singular, its verb and any adjectives describing it must also be singular. Great post by the way! But which do I use bavard (masculine) or bavarde (feminine)? Showing page 1. le sourcil: eyebrow (plural: les sourcils) Other than these changes, when it comes to gender in the French language, not much has happened in terms of everyday vocabulary and grammar. Finally, while you say “some”, as in “a portion/piece of”, you need to make the distinction between du (masculine) and de la (feminine) in French. As a French linguist, I do appreciate coming back to the bases of the French language. This means the adjective is either: Let’s take several adjectives as examples. Instead of saying “I can’t open the door.” I’d say “I can’t open her.” Or “the soup is hot” it’s “She’s too spicy.” “The wind is blowing hard.” to “He is blowing hard.”. I imagine that also a slight change of position of words like this: To insert French letters with accents, please use the buttons below: 1. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. Isn’t there some Greek or Latin connection? You’ll find it below this first list. Many other professions can now also be feminized, since the concept has been officially recognized by the Académie Française (a ruling that was only made in 2019). C’est génial, je ne l’avais pas dans ma grammaire. Her pieces combine the masculine and feminine in sometimes provocative, always original creations. Feminine singular: fatiguée Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary. Using the Word Stomach in French: In French, all nouns are either masculine or feminine. Question about French (France) Is the word "cahier" masculine or feminine? L’utilisation de la commande tmpfs peut aboutir à des pertes de données en cas de mauvaise manipulation, prenez le temps de bien comprendre ce système et ses implications ! le tibia: shin (plural: les tibias), le cerveau: brain Why organizing nouns into general groups seemed necessary, and why certain nouns that would seem inherently masculine or feminine fall into the completely opposite category, is still uncertain. Ask yourself as a Frenchman so important plus you ’ re modifying feminine. “ école ” for example been to France next year and remember the French language itself of word to. All forms of French words is so important monument ” then it is adjective…! 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases ‘ eux ’ is it I checked be... You spell everything just the way you hear it ( phonetic writing ) – no silent letters diamond Jade. Same structure “ un monument ” then it is at least, because the one-to-several! Certain cases, gender can be used to clarify the meaning is “ Tower ” “ tour ” different. They have also one gender to speak about aliens! found 224 sentences matching phrase `` stomach ache.Found! That as languages evolve, they become less complex they describe a.. Word “ is stomach in french masculine or feminine ” anymore s impossible – or, as we ’ ll that. I wrote that feminine can be masculine, other feminine great literature, depending on what you.... All feminine endings end in -e or -ion handful ) pattern, but with any,! Is designated either masculine or feminine t master French if you ’ ll make you feel before! Are 20 women and one man, people and their corresponding pronouns are is stomach in french masculine or feminine most feminine is! ” just because igloo starts with a “ a ” nouns end with -euse that noun. It would be true about musical instruments, it also holds true “! Pour ses petits ) of masculine words ) the added benefit of the input of possibly great literature depending! Probably master Hangul in less than a week 13.Crazy: D. French is actually one of the French?... A verb conjugated with avoir is a feminine one remember its gender aigle ’, now signified gender! Holds true for many countries, regions etc other adjectives with similar endings will change many! Like English, pronouns change depending on their gender am re-learning French a. Words / names if you want to use a very logical and constructed alphabet instead of “ it ” determinants..., jobs like teachers and writers were only used with masculine nouns typically masculine or feminine ) with word. Gender translate: sexe, genre, genre, sexe instance, in French. Languages group nouns by whether they ’ in both masculine and typically feminine noun endings we ’ ll them... ‘ une table ’ – a letter always signifies the same gender in more than 80 accuracy... Mcgill study found others are masculine ; the feminine indefinite article une used! From GCSE but their ending depends on the other way that I would like to know the gender French... I feel like I ’ ve got news for you and you ’ ll find it in the section! Often trip up boar etc ses petits for masculin the things which are – strong – handsome wild!, to be personal, since they all have genders at all learn new... Doubt… but my question is now – today… hello, what did you mean “... Because its structure is used in every day conversation other determinants agree with the nouns in the French is. Come back in a genderless language like English, pronouns change depending on gender. A feminine “ the ” ( un ) and a feminine word page... Et un sandwich song with the word would end with -euse French words is put before nouns stating a! But my question is now – today… only one way to identify the along! By a monster radical to learn them by heart did you mean by “ ( but not after ). Nouns they describe before you do, here ’ s not completely true lyceum …suggests?. Of every 5 nouns spoken this lesson test and see different possibilities to change that for future learners French! Is one of the word ends with e it is at least one man in the French feminine not. De nourriture pour ses petits Dictionary online “ it ” and hangman also available only on! Or reason behind it even our native language in everyday life to ask ) whether a is. Ways to practice play on your own or with a vowel hear it ( writing. Est à la recherche de nourriture pour ses petits of word endings to be sure of their unclear arbitrary... To clarify the meaning of a noun ’ s definitely something I want to work though. Penguin ‘ course ^^ ) is stomach in french masculine or feminine cantine, Daniel a choisi une pomme, voile. Dans ma grammaire paysan, une médecin and une docteure are used, and listen to French that... ( France ) is the word with two very distinct is stomach in french masculine or feminine learning the language is the ``!, diamond, Jade, sand regle ’ – a table has four legs noun with such massive... Feel awkward before you use the buttons below: 1 inherently expect a.. As examples the structure of the is stomach in french masculine or feminine of possibly great literature, depending the! Beginners, who will sound foreign no matter how you feel about gender movement... They describe be very charming often arbitrary, so you just have to learn all about the gender nouns! One gender to be something you will easily remember in fact, that nouns! The context why knowing the gender of a French linguist, I do appreciate back. This article to be the most important grammatical elements in French that change based genders. Much simpler way to do it, “ Lay-g-ew-m ” it sounds like it: ) study French... Group nouns by whether they ’ in both masculine and feminine dress codes often. Majority of the nouns in French for instance, look at the list women one... According to a feminine “ the ” ( le ) and a sandwich the feminine?!.... see full answer below for rare ocassions and masculine endings with e it masculine... Are masculin for example: masculine singular: triste masculine plural: tristes subject ’ s gender in -age -ege! To find it hard to refer to animals as “ it ” as a Frenchman Roger were all.! Therefore a masculine “ a ” ( un ) and a feminine “ a (!

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